How to make a fully functional blog on Google’s Blogger?

Aug 29, 2017

The world is growing towards everything digital and regardless of age, everybody’s keen about blogging. The reason is simple: It gives you a platform to air your thoughts, exhibit your portfolio or simply use it for blogging and communication. A simple way of communicating with masses and opening dialogue, Blogger is one of Google’s best tools available on the internet. You can use it for free and share media content in pictorial, gif, textual, etc form. You can personalize your content and share customized content that connects with people to get better readership. Numerous other tools are available that allow broadcasting content for free but blogger remains among the pioneers. The last post was about adding forums to wordpress with plug-ins but I am making a jump to Blogger today and we’ll learn how to get going with Google’s blogger.

Pick content theme

Before we get started, let’s prioritize the visibility and earnings part of the blog. You are free to post anything you want on your blog and you can earn a good amount with advertisement. You can hire someone else or a professional to strategize the content of your blog or you can get someone else to give you ideas regarding the kind of content you want to post. You can share videos, photographs or make a portfolio blog by posting your art, photography or other’s portfolio. The content needs to be in sync and the ideas should be innovative but if you are doing a cooking blog then you can add your personal flavor to the dishes by adding special details to the recipes. Little things like adding details, shooting professional looking pictures, non-plagiarized content will help your blog in getting discovered by more people so you will receive more traffic. Strategizing the type of content that you are going to post on your blog will also help you run the blog better in long term.

Choose domain/blog address: Free or paid?

Once you are done strategizing the kind of content you will post, you will have to brainstorm to come up with a cooler, hip and easy to remember URL or blog address. You can choose a classy name based on the type of content you are posting so it will help your readers in remembering the name. The name should be crisp, fun and easy to remember. A lot of people run personal sites and share insight over current affairs so if you are just going share your opinion or write editorials then you can pick a first name-last name url. If you are picking fashion and style as your theme, then getting a sharp, cute name might help your blog get big. Choosing the name also depends on availability of the domain. Blogger is made on WordPress and follows the same protocol. If you are familiar with WordPress, you will find blogger incredibly easy. You will need to secure your blog address by paying some small amount for it and you will get a subscription for an entire year. You can pay again to keep the website by renewing it next year or you can make a new blog depending on requirement.

When deciding blog name/blog URL address, you will get the option of choosing a free blog account with blogspot written in the URL address. So if you are saving money, you can choose to go with the free account option and run your blog with blogspot (

Blog Pages

Much like strategizing content, you will have to strategize the blog pages and come up with fresh content for them. If you are making a blog for a business then you will need a separate page for products and services. One page will be created for the introduction part and you will have to add a contact us form for allowing your readers to reach you. Depending on the content you want to post on your website/blog, you can pick the pages. For instance, an E-waste recycling company will have pages on what is recycling, what is the process of recycling, clients can request a pickup (fill the form for information for a pick up of e-waste), items they recycle, in addition to about us page. The about us, Services, contact us, pages are commonly used pages that are found on most websites. About us covers the introduction page while the home page enables navigation to other pages so the latter is just as important. You can also add blog page to your website/blog and post up-to-date information or communicative posts on blog page to communicate with your readers better.

Let’s make a blog on blogger.

What do you need?

  • A google account.
  • Sufficient content for blog and blog pages
  • Blog address ideas

Here are the steps you need to follow to create your blogger account:

  1. Make sure your browser uses cookies
  2. Turn your javascript on
  3. Sign in to blogger using your gmail account (you can find blogger by clicking on the tiles option listed before notifications icon on the top right side of your screen)
  4. Make a new blogger profile or just use your older Google Plus profile

You can use this id to browse other blogs on Blogger.

How to make a blog in blogger?

Making a blog in blogger is fairly easy and much like the way you create a blog on WordPress. Here are the simple steps:

  1. Sign in to Blogger
  2. Go to the top left side of your screen and click on down arrow
  3. Choose new blog option
  4. Select a name for your blog (This is where your blog ideas brainstorming comes to use)
  5. Select a free blog address (if your listed name or blog address is not available, blogger will give you alternatives of the same blog URL so you can select from the options)
  6. Pick the template or theme of your choice (defines the visual approach of your blog so take your time, pick the theme that exhibits your content with style and finesse)
  7. Finally, click on create blog.

Now start adding posts by clicking on new post option and add pages by adding gadgets in the layout option.


We learned how to make a blogger blog and surprisingly, the process is fairly easy. All you need is high quality content and once you are done making the blog, you will have to ensure that you update it routinely by adding posts and updating the information. You can use keywords for optimized content so your website or blog becomes SEO friendly and starts ranking among top ranks of search engines.