PowerPoint Tricks for making better presentations

Aug 23, 2017

PowerPoint presentations are a powerful tool to getting through to people with effective presentation. Available for use on both Microsoft windows and Apple Macintosh systems, Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation program that is also developed by Microsoft.  Initiatlly named presenter, PowerPoint was actually made by Forethought Inc..

Launched as part of the Microsoft Office Suite on May 22, 1990, Microsoft’s version of PowerPoint helps in developing slide based presentations. It is commonly used in business practices by numerous working professionals and also has a mobile application that can be used on apple and android mobile operating systems.  Useful for both students and professionals, PowerPoint is a creative way of informing people through different slides and pictorial information. It surely gives the professionals a creative and user-friendly way of optimizing attention while giving a presentation through short, crisp infographics.

Tips on using Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Personalize your PowerPoint Experience

   Stay in Charge of your PowerPoint Presentation and don’t let PowerPoint design the course of your experience with the service.  Microsoft designed PowerPoint with the aim of allowing users a lot of tools but it doesn’t mean that one is obligated to use them all. Minimalism is a great way of advancing in PowerPoint education.

  • Customize the PPT Themes as per your requirement

        Ensure that PPT themes are not preset and help in curbing your needs not just being stylish and available. Before you adopt a theme, ensure it looks good and does the job of accommodating the right design.

  • Try a new font than usual

        Microsoft office has the usual Calibri and Cambria for the entire range so you can try getting away from them by using a stylish font. By using a stylish font that is readable and looks good, you will be making a humongous change to your presentation.

There are other tips that you can use for breaking the monotony of Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation’s design but the best design stays personalized. Ensure that you focus on giving your reader an experience and maintain high quality of information and add pictures that are high resolution for better viewing.

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