Professional Logo Design: Types and colours of logo

Aug 22, 2017

Amazing logos are recognizable and make the brand easy to remember. The focus of a logo design is to leave a lasting impression on the viewer so the latter grows to identify the business with the logo.  Logos should be iconic, fashionable so they are prepared to stand the test of time and stay as vibrant and unique as they were when designed. The goal of a logo is to help the business stand out among competitors, trigger customer interest and improve sales. But it is not easy to create classy, memorable logos. The creative process needs a master designer and a visualizer who understands branding well. There are four types of logos that a designer can choose from: Pictorial, Wordmarks, letterform and abstract logos.

professional logo design

  • Wordmarks logos are made with multiple letters used as an abbreviation or freestanding words like Google, CNN, Entrepreneur, IBM, etc.
  • Letterform logos involve nothing complicated but a very simple letter. Most famous letterform logos include McDonald’s, Uber, Beats, etc.
  • Pictorial logos involve illustrating recognizable things through symbols such as Twitter.
  • Abstract logos involve a simple or complex shape and design that doesn’t represent anything in particular. Nike has an iconic abstract logo design.

Choosing the right color that has desired mental effect on the viewer or shopper is also important. Colors have psychological meaning and thus should be used accordingly. Deep Red is a powerful and intense shade while light blue is a soothing color, but both colors remain top choices by brands.

Picking the right typography for the logo is also necessary. The spelling or letters in the logo should be readable and identifiable. Whether it is fancy typography with curves or minimalist sans serif, the designer needs to make an informed choice regarding which typography he/she is using depending on the nature of business.

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